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‘Oya’ – A terra cotta water saving device for gardens

Terra cora vessels to water plants

By Josh and Kenny of Growoya
Fall 2013

Excerpts from their Indiegogo page:

The Oya is a locally made terra cotta vessel that is used to water plants. It is fired at a temperature that allows it to remain porous; therefore, when the surrounding earth is dry, more water seeps out. This means your plants are receiving the exact amount of water they need, which leads to healthier plants and bigger yields. No surface watering means saving water and less weeding. It also means you only have to water every 7-10 days. Vacations just got easier.

We want to get into larger urban gardens so people start to see how amazing these Oyas are and start to spread the word, which is why our goal for Indiegogo funding is to donate enough Oyas to Environmental Youth Alliance to help support their garden projects. They are an amazing team using garden projects to help support and educate youth. Their goal “is to inspire children, youth, and young adults to connect with the natural world and become sustainability leaders in their communties.”

Visit their site here.