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How to Save Your Own Seeds


A Handbook for Small-Scale Seed Production

By Seeds of Diversity Canada
6th Edition

This 68 page handbook is greatly expanded from the previous edition, giving seed savers the most up-to-date information on seeds, flowers, and pollination. It demystifies the techniques of saving seeds from common garden vegetables, giving simple detailed instructions for each type.

Written with beginners and experts in mind, this is a manual for home seed savers as well as small-scale commercial growers. Whether you are learning to save rare heirloom varieties, discovering how to save money by growing your own seeds, or simply interested in learning more about the finer aspects of seeds and gardening, this is an excellent beginner’s manual. Sections for the advanced seed saver give details on seed production of biennial crops (beets, carrots, celery, leeks, etc), hand pollination, and many more helpful hints.

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Fresh City Farms: Urban Farming In Toronto

Ran Goel, Owner of Fresh City Farms — Sheppard Avenue in Background.

Urban Farming: “This is good socially, it’s good environmentally, it’s good economically.”

By Kaitlin
November 15, 2013


Beyond making an impact on the mindset of consumers, Ran found that a Fresh City model could encourage less overall consumption and pollutant emission. “We just did a study running our greenhouse gas emissions and getting your produce from Fresh City rather than [a big box grocer] is 75% less greenhouse gas emissions in terms of the farm-to-table transportation.”

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