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As We Grow – Tallahassee Sustainability Group

The group has developed a small urban farm, a campus garden at FSU, community gardens at the Teen Youth Center, and a Food & Environmental science curriculum at the ‘Second Chance’ school called the Agrinauts Training Program.

Video from Tyler Lee. This film was produced in Dr. Andy Opel’s Advanced Documentary course at Florida State University.

Excerpt from: ‘Tallahassee Sustainability Group – The Student Organization That Grew’ on Food Politic by Tove K. Danovich

The Tallahassee Sustainability Group, brainchild of brothers Wes and TJ Shaffer and Jake Jennings, was founded in 2010 as a student association at Florida State University. Dedicated to bringing sustainable farming techniques, fresh food, and education to the surrounding community, TSG’s role has grown far beyond the campus.

They found a Tallahassee school called the Ghazvini Learning Center whose horticulture teacher, Gale Allbritton, allowed them to build a small hydroponic garden and introduce the subject to her students. As Wes Shaffer said in the short documentary about TSG, As We Grow, “From that first hydroponic system we’ve been able to build momentum in the community, growing food in new places around town – meeting new people, starting new projects.”

One of these projects was a partnership of sorts with the local Salvation Army. For many urban farmers, finding an unused grassy area is like stumbling across a half-built foundation. This land costs money to repair and mow but, as an urban farm, it can produce not only food but a place for the community to gather. Alongside the Salvation Army’s building was a plot of land just like this. After meeting with the Captain Julio Torres, Commanding Officer of the local Salvation Army, they were allowed to develop the space into their first urban farm.

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