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Wagtail Urban Farm, Adelaide, Australia: Grower Profile


Demand for our produce is constantly growing and new markets are popping up all the time, but we all agree that if we only scaled up by a factor of two, it would stop being an enjoyable hobby and start being a very low paying job!

By Kirsten Bradley
Milkwood Permaculture
Dec 4, 2013


Whats the total square meters you’ve got under cultivation?

We’ve got precisely 182 sq.m under cultivation – 14 x 13m long beds (it’s a nightmare to plan given 13 doesn’t divide well!)

How many work hours (total) do you estimate per week are getting spent on this patch, spread across how many people?

We’ve been keeping a tally of hours spent on the project (including time spent planning etc.), which in the first six months added up to roughly 500 hours, so about 20hrs / week shared between the three of us.

Our normal work week is Monday afternoons planting and weeding, Saturdays picking and selling. A lot of time has been spent in setting up infrastructure (fencing, post-harvest wash stand etc.) which will (hopefully!) taper off in the future.

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Urban Commons – Foodscape


A curated set of tools for growing food in the city

Excerpts from their website:

Foodscape is the flagship suite of products by Urban Commons.

It empowers people to connect with food by making it easier for them to grow food together in their neighbourhoods, at work, and other places of social gathering.

We are all part of the local food system and Foodscape enables us all to create social change through shared experiences around food.

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