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Accessible Edibles – Vertical Grow Bags


In Britain one plastic bag, compost and seed planted with Tumbling Tomatoes will cost approximately £0.47 per bag. The average bag will produce 2.5Kg of tomatoes in one season.

By Mike Tomkinson
Rotary Club of Rochdale England
Dec 6, 2013

From an email:

For the last four years our Rotary Club in the U.K. has been developing ‘UrbanFarm’, a very simple method of growing vegetables and fruit in vertically hung bags. We originally designed it for use in arid climates as it uses only tiny amounts of water however it works well anywhere regardless of water availability. We’ve carried out project trials in England, Kenya and Bangladesh with great results as virtually the only cost is the price of a seed which can often be had for free from development agencies.

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Gardening “Boot Camps” for Troubled Youth in Chicago

The Chicago Botanic Garden teaches inmates about sustainable horticulture and urban agriculture. Photo by Chicago Botanic Garden.

Urban agriculture offers important life lessons for young inmates.

By Emily Gilbert
Worldwatch Institute
November 22, 2013


Rather than a jail term, a program from the Cook County Boot Camp in Illinois is finding ways to reach troubled youth and inmates through urban gardening. Among the educational and vocational offerings the program offers is work in a three-quarter-acre garden that produces tomatoes, kale, carrots, and a host of other vegetables. The young male inmates learn life lessons and job skills through gardening, leading some to explore new career opportunities and lifestyle choices through agriculture and green jobs.

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