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Mapping Urban Agriculture Potential in Rotterdam


By Vlad Dumitrescu
December 2013
This research was undergone by Vlad Dumitrescu as an Intern at Rotterdam Municipality’s Engineering and Environmental Bureau in close contact with Edible Rotterdam, the expert group on urban agriculture.



Urban agriculture (UA) is an increasingly global trend due to the benefits that it can bring to urban environments. The range of benefits is very diverse, from environmental (stormwater mitigation, air purification, nutrient recycling, urban cooling etc.) or social (food security, education, recreation, physical activity, improvement in healthy eating, improved social cohesion etc.) to economical (income generation, added real estate value, supplying niche markets etc.). In the context of the Netherlands, a highly industrialized country, food security is not currently the main motivation behind the practice, but rather the effort to increase awareness of the importance of local food and its impacts. Rotterdam is a pioneering city in terms of UA, hosting more than 100 active initiatives besides the allotment complexes. However, most of these initiatives are small and do not have significant impacts on a citywide scale.

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India: ‘With my pipe garden I grow up to 22 vegetables on 1 sq ft’


Bangalore gardener says the main challenge I faced was the monkey attacks on my crops.

By Vinay Magadi
The Alternative
Nov 26, 2013
I am a native of bangalore. I was an avid gardener from childhood. I graduated from Christ College, Bangalore (now Christ University) with botany and zoology as my subjects. I love to experiment and have taken to experimenting with various gardening techniques. The pipe garden has been the culmination of my 4 years of experimentation.


In my childhood, we had a huge garden and all that we wanted, we grew in the garden. I had to shift to terrace gardening due to lack of space in our current residence.

I have grown a wide variety of vegetables like Maize, Kidney beans, ChowChow, Bush beans, Purple beans, Tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, brinjals of different varieties, various greens, amorphophallus, Okra etc., in the terrace successfully.

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History-making day for Boston urban agriculture

highgrHigher Ground Farm.

Passed: SECTION 89-1. Statement of Purpose. The purpose of this Article is to establish zoning regulations for the operation of Urban Agriculture activities and to provide standards for the siting, design, maintenance and modification of Urban Agriculture activities that address public safety, and minimize impacts on residents and historic resources in the City of Boston.

By Rachel Greenberger
December 18, 2013


This morning in City Hall, by unanimous consent, the Zoning Commission passed Article 89, a progressive series of measures to pave the way for farming in Boston.

At the request of Mayor Tom Menino, Edith Murnane of the Mayor’s Office of Food Initiatives and Tad Reed and Marie Mercurio of Boston Redevelopment Authority have led an incredible nearly two-year charge, convening a Urban Agriculture Working Group in the process, to reach this day.

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