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Iberia Community Garden Co-op’s new hydroponic garden

New Iberia is the tenth-largest city in the U.S state of Louisiana. Located 30 miles southeast of Lafayette.

It’s about private investors set up through the Fund for Gulf Communities to improve and diversify the economy of areas affected by the Gulf oil spill of 2008,”

By Mckenzie Womack
The Daily Iberian
Jan 5, 2014


The garden, which is in a large greenhouse, has almost 100 towers and holds 2,500 plants, said ICGC project manager Phanat Xanamane.

Winter greens like spinach, radish, mustard greens, bok choy, arugula, mini broccoli, among other greens are growing, Xanamane said.

The produce will be sold exclusively through Xanamane at Iberia Parish farmer’s markets, and the proceeds will be filtered back into the co-op, he said.

Volunteers for the co-op will work on a version of “sweat equity,” Xanamane said, which means members of the co-op don’t have to pay a fee to join but will work for about four hours a week in the greenhouse or on the marketing side and will participate in one farmer’s market per month.

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