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These glowing indoor garden boxes are the future of urban agriculture

By Drew Prindle
Digital Trends
January 2, 2014


GrowCube, an upcoming contraption from NYC-based inventor Chris Beauvois, aims to remedy this problem. GrowCube is essentially a high-tech indoor garden box that doesn’t require any soil to grow plants. Instead, the system uses aeroponics – a process that’s similar to hydroponics, but doesn’t require water tubes. Instead, aeroponic gardens hydrate plants using a fine mist of nutrient-loaded water that’s gradually collected by the plant roots. Misting like this allows GrowCubes to use 95% less water than traditional farming methods, and also prevents over-watering.

Inside the enclosure, plants are suspended in the air on a rotating carousel, so when it’s filled with plants, it looks something like a rotisserie oven built for vegetarians. This wheel rotates the trays under a low power LED array that spits out specific wavelengths of light optimized for photosynthesis, thereby giving each plant just as much light as it needs without wasting tons of electricity.

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