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Growing urban agriculture in Toronto


Toronto to create food guide

By Sarah Ratchford
Novae Res Urbis – Toronto Edition
Jan 10, 2014
(Reprinted with permission.)

Locavores in Toronto will soon have good reason to rejoice. The Toronto Food Policy Council is working on a guide to where we can grow and sell food in the city as part of an initiative to spur urban agriculture efforts.

Toronto Food Policy Council coordinator Lauren Baker says the guide, which is part of the Toronto Agricultural Program adopted by Toronto council in November, will be ready in time for summer. The major issue to be settled, she says, is not where Torontonians can grow food—those policies are fairly open—but where they can sell it. To work out those kinks, staff are reviewing the planning and zoning barriers to urban agriculture.

“You can grow food in the city, in your back yard, your front yard, on the roof—basically anywhere. It’s when you want to sell it that it becomes a bit vaguer.”

“And so what we’d like to do is think through the kinds of urban agriculture that we see happening right now, and the by-laws and zoning regulations that impact that.”

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Bangalore Kitchen Gardener: Anusuya Sharma

Anusuya Sharma in her flourishing medicinal garden.

‘Medicinal plants are all you need for good health’

Kavya Chandra
The Alternative
10 September, 2013


Meet one of India’s most experienced kitchen gardeners – Anusuya Sharma – renowned expert on medicinal plants, author of two books on terrace gardening (‘Tarasi Tota Ondu Inuku Nota’ in 2007 and ‘Hittilu Kaitotakkondu Kaipidi’ in 2010) and winner of the Srishti Sanman award by Honey Bee’s Network National Innovation Foundation.

I am 70 years old and rarely fall sick. My garden is responsible for this and I am very grateful.”

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Portland Urban Farmer Justin Simms speaks about his first year farming


First year farmer Justin Simms talks about his decision to make a life change and create InTownAg, an urban farming business. In the interview he speaks about the ups and downs of his first year farming yards in Portland.

Listen to the podcast here.

Excerpt from his InTownAg website:

InTownAg is created from our experience in landscape architecture and environmental science. These fields led us to focus on incorporating multifunctional design into cities. How can our landuse planning combine ecological, social, and economic services?

There is ample land in our neighborhoods with homeowners eager to convert their yards to gardens. Garden sharing is becoming mainstream as seen by the Wall Street Journal article ‘The Rise of the Lazy Locavore’

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