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University of California Berkeley garden started in 1971


Urban farm acts as a tool for growth

By Anika Rice
Daily Californian
Jan 23, 2014


My involvement in the garden last semester was transformative. I realized I have the ability to grow things on my own and become more self-sufficient, even in an urban area. I was inspired right away and acquired a few planters and seedlings for my small Berkeley balcony. Eating salad greens and herbs I personally cultivate (after battling some squirrels) is incredibly rewarding — and delicious! It is empowering to reduce my reliance on grocery stores and vegetables that have traveled hundreds of miles before reaching my dinner plate.

Besides inspiring me to garden at home, my involvement has taught me specific horticulture skills, such as grafting fruit tree cuttings, making vertical beds out of recycled pallets and growing winter greens. The garden’s impact is unique because I couldn’t have learned this in a lecture. Furthermore, the Student Organic Garden is a place where I am able to escape from the generally concrete and lecture hall-filled routine of a typical Berkeley day. The refreshing feeling of working in a garden is the perfect medicine for a college student’s stress.

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