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Alberta City of Airdrie releases findings of citizen report on urban agriculture


The report indicated high levels of support for urban agriculture initiatives on public lands and City-owned spaces, and lower levels of support for initiatives on private property.

By Sara Wilson
Airdrie City View
Feb 20, 2014


Residential support for City-operated community gardens came in at 94.3 per cent in favour, rooftop gardens received 88.6 per cent support, edible landscaping garnered 85 per cent approval rating and beehives on public lands received 57.9 per cent approval. The report indicated residents support for private/backyards were slightly lower at 81.6 per cent for front yard edible gardens, backyard hens received less support at 57.1 per cent and backyard bees just garnering 50.7 per cent support.

“The predominant concerns mentioned with regard to public/City initiatives included ongoing maintenance and vandalism,” Ginn said.

“Citizen concerns regarding private/backyard initiatives included allergies to bees and concerns about noise and odours associated with backyard chickens.”

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