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Modern Farmer magazine just beat GQ, New York, Vanity Fair for a National Magazine Award


Magazine’s CEO and Editor-in-Chief’s name is Ann Marie ‘Gardner’

By Seth Fiegerman
May 2, 2014


“I worked on it for about a year and my good friends thought, ‘What are you talking about? A farming magazine? Are you having a midlife crisis?'” she recalls. “People were worried.”

It wasn’t actually supposed to be a magazine. While reporting for The New York Times and Monocle, a publication she helped found, she noticed more and more people who were eager to learn about where their food comes from, how to grow things of their own and generally become more self-sufficient. She thought it might make for a good article, but the more she thought about it, the bigger the project became.

She opted to turn the idea into a television show and began sketching out story lines for 12 episodes. Then her inner magazine editor took over and she realized she had the makings of a new publication.

Gardner raised a modest funding round from Frank Giustra, perhaps best known for founding Lionsgate Films, and built up a small team of nine employees in Hudson, New York, the picturesque upstate city where she lives. In April of last year, she launched the Modern Farmer quarterly magazine and website.

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