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First-ever motorised lawn-mower restored to its former glory


The mower, made by Ransomes, dates back to 1902 and cost gardener Andrew Hall £7,000 to restore over four years

By Tom Brooks-Pollock
The Telegraph
07 Aug 2014


At the time it was considered a feat of modern engineering, a 20th Century alternative to horse-driven and steam-powered mowers.

It was initially purchased by Cadbury’s and used in the Bourneville village in Warwickshire to maintain a sports field.

Car-makers Peugeot Talbot bought it second-hand in 1923 to mow their sports field in Coventry.

But when the motoring firm extend their pavilion they erected the new structure over the top of the machine, totally encasing it.

It lay forgotten for more than 50 years until the building was demolished.

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