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Fishy business: Micah’s tilapia at Saint Louis University Urban Outreach Greenhouse

stumpSustainability: Dr. Stump works with the tilapia and plants in SLU’s greenhouse. Stump sees the project as an important model of future food production. Photo by John Schuler.

Stump and other leaders of the Urban Project want to give students a glimpse of what the world might look like in the future

Posted by Jessica Winter
The University News
Sept 19, 2014


In its mission statement, Saint Louis University pledges dedication to the service of humanity and innovative studies required to transform society. Helping to carry out this aspect of the mission is SLU’s Urban Outreach Greenhouse project – a program that works to promote urban agricultural sustainability.

The Greenhouse project is one of many efforts attached to SLU’s Urban Project endeavor, an effort that started in 2009 and is spearheaded by professors Donald Stump, Richard Colignon, and Robert Cropf. The Urban Project aims to make advances in education and efforts in facing present and future urban issues. One of these current problems concerns food deserts, or geographic areas that struggle to obtain nutritious and affordable food.

“The people living there often…end up eating out of corner convenient stores, but they never get any fruits and vegetables,” said Stump. “In fact, a lot of the people we work with, the children, have never seen a raw carrot.”

In an effort to change this situation and people’s perspectives on food, as well as to alter the face of future urban eatery, the SLU Urban Project and the Micah Program in Urban Poverty Studies initiated a greenhouse plan to start educating people on sustainable agriculture.

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