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Victory Gardener – Martha O’Driscoll found she owned a travelling garden


Movie Stars – 1943

By Jessie Henderson
Fun on The Farm
Photoplay Magazine 1943

Martha O’Driscoll found she owned a travelling garden. It moved, by itself, an eighth of a mile. Martha had planted the seeds with her own rosy fingers, but she planted them only half an inch deep and forgot that her land sloped downward. Come a brisk downpour. Martha’s garden washed out, every bit of it, into the ravine across the way.

Martha O’Driscoll (March 4, 1922 – November 3, 1998) was an American film actress from 1937 until 1947. Her mother was a financial partner in the Hollywood Mar-Ken School. The school’s director, Mrs. Bessire, had a son, William Kent Bessire. The two women decided to name the school after their children—Mar came from Martha and KEN from Kent. The school remained open until the early 1960s.[1] She retired from the screen in 1947, to have and raise children with her husband, Arthur I. Appleton, President of Appleton Electric Company in Chicago, the company his father, Albert I. Appleton founded.

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