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PEAS farm wins 40-year lease from Missoula, Montana


“This farm will be testament to Missoula’s commitment to kids, local agriculture and working together for decades to come.”

By Will Wadley
NBC Montana
Dec 09 2014


The PEAS Farm (Program in Ecological Agriculture and Society) is a collaboration between Garden City Harvest and the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies Program.

Every year, about 4,000 K-12 students, their parents and teachers visit on educational farm field trips. The students explore connections among food, agriculture, science and their everyday lives by picking and eating vegetables straight from the ground and meeting the resident chickens and pigs.

The Garden City Harvest Farm to School program extends beyond the PEAS Farm to the seven school gardens built and maintained by Garden City Harvest staff, bringing the school district about $50,000 a year of agricultural services at no cost to the district. The program provides the innovative, hands-on learning opportunities in a variety of subjects non-traditional and classroom settings that are crafted to meet the District’s 21st Century Model of Education goals.

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