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Clearwater, Florida to consider permitting microbreweries, encouraging urban farms

Clearwater gardeners.

He said planning staff also recommends amending the development code to identify areas where food production would be viable and to support urban agricultural activities.

By Mark Schantz
Gazette Correspondent
Published: January 16, 2015


Proposed changes include adding urban farms as a permissible use in industrial, research and technology districts and community gardens in most residential districts, as well as institutional districts. The amendments also address hydroponics or other food production facilities in existing and new buildings.

Responding to a question from Mayor George M. Cretekos, Tefft said changes to the code only apply to gardens and things that are grown, not to farm animals. The question was in reference to past requests by some residents to include chicken coups as a permitted use in neighborhoods.

The city plans to conduct an inventory of public and semi-public land suitable for food production for the purpose of identifying sites for food production pilot projects, city planning staff reported. The community development code then would be amended to allow community gardens and other forms of urban agriculture.

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