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Living Garden Creations hopes to spur urban gardening in Kokomo, Indiana

Adam Renshaw and Haley Martin stand in front of what will become The Living Garden Juice Bar on N. Phillips Street on January 14, 2015. Photo by Kelly Lafferty Gerber.

Duo plan juice bar, community garden sites in downtown Kokomo

By Martin Slagter
Kokomo Tribune
Jan 16, 2015


Martin and Renshaw will implement the next chapter of The Living Garden with Living Garden Creations, which will include a start-up Living Garden Juice Bar and a Kokomo Urban Agriculture Initiative, with business and residential locations already donating land for 10 different project sites.

The result, Martin said, will be a balance between a business and nonprofit model to help Kokomo make good use of its urban green spaces.

“It functions as a business, but at the same time, we want to give to the community and make this a movement,” Martin said. “It’s definitely new to this area.”

The Living Garden sprouted up last year on Sycamore Street near Apperson Way. It’s a community garden maintained by the public with the help of donated supplies. People were encouraged to stop by to weed, water and harvest vegetables as they wanted, providing residents with free, organic tomatoes, beets, carrots, kale, melons and peppers.

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