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Rodale Institute to set up organic gardens in the City of Allentown

Rodale Institute officials plan to use growing towers like these to bring fresh, organic produce to Allentown. Dozens of plants can fit into one of these towers, which are filled with compost and a bit of straw. Photo by Rodale Institute.

“We want to take the whole city organic and we’re starting with produce.”

By Jennifer Sheehan
Of The Morning Call
Jan 31, 2015


Once the sites are chosen, Rodale Institute will set up gardens using “gardening towers,” which are vertical garden boxes that can be easily placed on any parking lot or open space as long as there’s good access to sunlight and water.

A large-size growing tower can be 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide and can house dozens of plants, depending on the type of plants and how much space they require. The towers are filled with compost and a little straw to keep it together while the plants are inserted vertically up the wall of the towers.

Megan Kintzer, Rodale Institute’s director of Development and Communications, said eight growing towers were used at the institute last year as part of a pilot program. This year they plan to use 50.

“It’s a space saver,” said Kintzer of the tower. “You can do it on any land, even the middle of a parking lot, as long as there’s good light and access to water.”

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