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Practical guide ‘Rooftop greenhouses’


English edition just published

Feb 2015

The practical guide on the idea, planning and implementation of rooftop greenhouses entitled “There’s something growing on the roof” has now been translated into English. It has been produced on the basis of the comprehensive and professional knowledge-output of the three-year research project “ZFarm – Urban Agriculture of the Future”.

It can either be used as an inspiration for developing ideas of rooftop farming, or it can even serve as practical assistance for planning and implementing a concrete greenhouse project.

Urban agriculture is a major trend throughout the world at present – also in Germany.

Within the “ZFarm” research project, researchers from the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) joined forces with its partners Institute for Urban and Regional Planning (ISR) of Technische Universität Berlin and inter3 Institute for Resource Management to investigate the conditions re- quired to grow fruit and vegetables on inner-city buildings. Using the example of Berlin, the project involved teaming up with Berlin’s stakeholders to identify the potential, obstacles and necessary framework conditions surrounding the implementation and spread of rooftop greenhouses.

One product of the ZFarm project is this practical guide for realising rooftop greenhouses in the city. The aim of this manual is to provide support to stakeholders, experts, decision-makers and citizens in the practical implemen- tation of such concepts in the form of recommendations for action.

Read the complete report here.

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