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‘Potager urbain’ – Urban Food Gardens


Book in French on city farming

de Nicolas Bel (Auteur)
Relié: 288 pages
Editeur : Hachette Pratique (20 août 2014)

Excerpt from Brooklyn Grange article:

In addition to being the founder of Topager, Nicolas is also the author of the book on French urban ag (Potager Urbain), and an academic researcher at AgroParisTech (from what I gather, the French equivalent of Cornell’s College of Agriculture) and the farm I visited was essentially his data collection facility. At this particular location, he studies every measurable variable. First, he blended several soil mixes side-by-side to measure their productivity and health.

He also captures runoff via a simple “out spout” which drains into gallon water bottles, from which he collects samples on a regular basis. His methodology is incredibly thorough and it was exhilarating to meet such a focused and serious practitioner of our incredibly unique type of cultivation. We have a lot to learn from Nicolas and his colleagues at Topager, and only through an open exchange of information can we pioneers truly make progress.

The Book:

Créer un potager en pleine terre dans un petit jardin, au bas d’un immeuble, sur un balcon ou une terrasse est possible. C’est une question d’adaptation ! Nicolas Bel a mis au point et expérimenté des modes de culture innovants pour obtenir de beaux légumes parfaitement sains en milieu urbain.

Comprendre la vie du sol, fabriquer du compost, favoriser la biodiversité et gérer l’eau.Profiter de produits frais toute l’année en suivant le calendrier des rotations de culture.

Les modes de culture simples et efficaces : en conteneurs, en en carrés, sur ballots de paille, à la verticale, en mini-serres. Des pas-à-pas illustrés et des photographies prises dur le terrain explicitent chaque technique.

Plus de 50 légumes, fruits et plantes aromatiques à cultiver : choix des variétés, conseils de base pour la plantation et les récoltes, sensibilités aux maladies et parasites.

Google Translates:

Create an open ground vegetable garden in a small garden at the bottom of a building, on a balcony or terrace is possible. It’s a matter of adaptation! Nicolas Bel has developed and tested innovative methods of cultivation for beautiful perfectly healthy vegetables in urban areas.

Understand the life of the soil, make compost, promote biodiversity and manage eau.Profiter fresh produce throughout the year following the calendar of crop rotations.

The simple and effective methods of cultivation: in containers, square on straw bales, vertically, in mini-greenhouses. Step-by-step illustrated and photographs taken hard the ground clarify each technique.

More than 50 vegetables, fruits and herbs to grow: choice of varieties, basic tips for planting and harvesting, sensitivities to diseases and pests.

Find the book here.

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