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FAO Representative in Venezuela Highlights Urban Farming Initiatives

FAO representative for Venezuela, Marcelo Resende (Photo: Miguel Romero)

Urban agriculture educates and create consciousness about food safety and production, and that is vital.

By Marcelo Resende & Vanessa Davies – Correo Del Orinoco
February 25th 2015


In regards to urban farming, you know that many people laughed at President Chavez when he suggested vertical hen houses? Do you really think urban farming is a viable option in Venezuela?

The Venezuelan government has a good vision for the future. Many would think that Venezuelans have no need for urban agriculture, because there is plenty of land to sow. But from a futuristic perspective, society’s great challenge lies in the city. Cuba has provided a great example for urban farming. They are creating agricultural policies within the city, which awakens consciousness and vocation for production. The FAO along with the [agricultural] ministry is developing the project with through training. With urban farming we can take on other elements of food safety, such as obesity. Without a doubt, urban farming creates a new culture around agricultural production- of coexistence with the earth, the seed, and [cycles of] production. Even if it doesn’t have a huge impact on the economy, it is a social program that motivates, organizes, and promotes a relationship between people and cultivation.

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Urban farming behind Extension’s Cook County expansion in Illinois

Urban Farming: Zack Grant, right, former manager of the Sustainable Student Farm, recently accepted an appointment as an Extension educator in Cook County, Illinois, where he will focus on urban agriculture. Mike Gray, a professor of crop sciences and the assistant dean for agriculture and natural resources, oversees the statewide team of 16 local food systems and small farms educators. Photo by L. Brian Stauffer.

Over its first six years, the Sustainable Student Farm flourished, expanding from its original 2-acre plot to its current 6 acres

By Sharita Forrest
Inside Illinois
Feb. 19, 2015


Urban farming is a new focus for Extension, an organization that traditionally concentrated on large-scale commercial agriculture production in Illinois, especially corn and soybeans, Gray said.

“There are other land-grant schools that have similarly themed urban agriculture teams, but having this type of educator in an urban, concentrated area like Cook County is relatively new,” Gray said.

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