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Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) destroys hundreds of beautiful community gardens in Vancouver

Gardens gone. Photos by Michael Levenston.

Bulldozers, backhoes, weed wackers, chainsaws and shovels destroy a city treasure

Michael Levenston
City Farmer
March 3, 2015

Since the 1980’s, neighbours have built award winning community gardens along the abandoned railway line running through Kitsilano. In just a few days, this past week, Maple Community Garden, Cypress Community Garden, Pine Street Gardens and Fir Street Garden have been bulldozed, leaving a tiny strip of broken plots along the city boulevard. Trees, shrubs and plants purchased over the past 30 years are gone. The CPR crews have flattened the landscape and left a barren wasteland. CPR will replace the natural beauty created by neighbours, with parked railcars covered with graffiti.


City Farmer’s Compost Demonstration Garden sits next to the Maple Street Community Garden. Since the early 1980’s we have watched the development of all the gardens along the tracks and seen the amazing transformation of the neighbourhood into a real community. Dog walkers, cyclists and gardeners mingle and chat. Thousands of visitors from around the world walked along the greenway and fell in love with this unique garden wonderland.

Every time a garden is destroyed, we move closer to a ‘concrete jungle’. Many steps in that direction were taken today.




Railroading the Community Gardens from Mike Babiarz on Vimeo.

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