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2015 International Year of Soils – FAO

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Urban soil farming helping feed more people

By Sarah Elton
CBC News Story
April 3, 2015


At a high school close to downtown Toronto, grade eleven student Deshanel Evans is getting back to the earth.

That is, he’s making the stuff.

As a part-time job, Evans collects kitchen scraps from the school’s culinary program and layers the carrot peelings and apple cores with leaves and other organic material in the bin. Evans then oversees the composting, turning the pile to aerate it and waiting as worms and bacteria transform the food scraps into nutrient-rich soil.

“I feel good about my job,” he said. “It’s interesting to learn that the food we eat goes back into the soil and then we eat it again.” Sometimes, Evans’ friends even keep him company, because they like watching the transformation, he says.

This compost project — and the rooftop farm where the compost is used to grow vegetables — is part of a program called School Grown, a collaboration between the Toronto District School Board and a non-profit organization called FoodShare.

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