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AKER : print your urban farm

AKER Crowdfunding Video from Tristan Copley Smith on Vimeo.

Start growing your own food this Spring with these flat pack, open source urban farming kits.

AKER is efficient and designed to make maximum use of space for growing food: balconies, rooftops and small to medium sized gardens are perfect. Each kit is also material efficient, fitting onto a single 4’x8′ sheet of material.

AKER needs no tools and snaps together without needing screws or glues. That means no mess and a quick, simple assembly for any kit (with documentation!).

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‘The Mobile Garden’ used in Healthcare and Education

mobileMobile Garden with wheelchair access.

The main, circular, planting tray of The Mobile Garden is 1.2 meters in diameter and 15cm deep with drainage holes in the base and a central divider.

“The circular planting table has a depth of 15cm making it suitable for growing flowers, herbs, salads and some varieties of vegetables. The height is just right for a seated gardener or for those who find bending or kneeling difficult. It can be pushed around pretty easily on it’s castors. The planting table has a diameter of 1.2m that can be further divided by individual allotments or mini gardens for sharing, making it ideal for care homes looking to keep patients active.” November 2011, Able Magazine.

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