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This Indoor Farm Can Bring Fresh Produce to Food Deserts


“Click & Grow can give the plant the perfect conditions to grow, because air, water, and nutrients are dosed perfectly without any obstacles,”

By Issie Lapowsky


With the Smart Farm, which costs just $1,500, Lepp says it can be. “People all over the world have worked intensively the last 10 or 20 years on bringing food production closer to cities and finding ways to grow it more efficiently,” he says. “But today they all are using hydroponics, and that is unfortunately expensive and messy. We see how we can change this.”

Rather than relying on hydroponics, the Smart Farm uses a new type of soil called Smart Soil, which Lepp developed in partnership with academic advisors.

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A growing fascination in Siam Square, Bangkok

Smack in the heart of Bangkok is Siam Square One with its unique rooftop garden and farm called ‘Siam Green Sky’. Graphics courtesy of Siam Green Sky.

“Rice on the roof is a novel way to farm in an overcrowded city like Bangkok,” she explained.

By Supoj Wancharoen And Sukhumaporn Laiyok
Bangkok Post
11 Apr 2015


The ratio of green space per resident in Thailand’s capital is less than in neighbouring countries, said Chulalongkorn University Property director Boonsong Srisawangnate.

Assoc Prof Permyot Kosolbhand,vice president of Chulalongkorn University, said education is one of the key elements for launching the garden. He said Siam Green Sky in fact is intended as an urban agricultural learning centre.

The centre is an outdoor classroom for people interested in how food gets from the ground to the dining table, he said, adding it will be an access point into the heart of the community where green-minded people socialise.

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From Italy – Orto Urbano


The big castors allow you to move your Orto Urbano to whichever position you want – in the sun, in the rain, or in the shade

What Is An Orto Urbano Kit

Orto Urbano is a practical solution for creating a mobile “urban garden” to place on apartment balconies and terraces.

Orto Urbano makes it possible for anyone to cultivate their own vegetable garden or green space completely independently, even without a garden.

Orto Urbano is easy to assemble; it comes in three pieces usually used for packaging and shipping kits.

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