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Bangkok: A huge allotment on top of new mall Siam Square

Landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom designed the rooftop farm for Siam One shopping complex.

The city’s largest rooftop farm is open to the public every Wednesday and Saturday, with workshops every third Saturday of the month.

By Anchalee Kongrut
Bangkok Post
8 Jun 2015


The idea of growing rice in the middle of the capital sounds outlandish. But that’s exactly the point, according to Kotchakorn Voraakhom, the landscape architect who designed the rooftop space known as Siam Green Sky. She reminded us that the area known now as Siam Square is no stranger to agricultural activity. It was a rice plantation when King Rama VI donated the land for the official opening of Chulalongkorn University nearly a century ago.

In the following decades, the city expanded, and the area underwent restless development with new buildings, hotels, cinemas and the Skytrain emerging. It eventually evolved into the capital’s bustling,iconic area.

“It is amazing to see how Siam Square transformed itself from humble rice paddies to a thriving commercial space. Now, the rice paddy returns,” said 33-year-old Kotchakorn, who also helped design the landscape of the Thai Pavilion — complete with real rice fields — currently displayed at the Milan Expo.

Rice cultivation has come back in the most unlikely fashion. The resurrected rice field of 2015 is located on the rooftop of the neighbourhood’s newest building and is the size of a football field. Novice growers arrive here by Skytrain, or car, and need to get on escalators in order to start their green-fingered work.

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