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Innovation is blooming at water-wise urban farms in Long Beach, California

longbManuel Cisneros, agricultural project coordinator at the Growing Experience in Long Beach, harvests a handful of sweet basil. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

The system, known as aquaponics, uses less water than traditional soil planting because very little water is lost to evaporation and none is absorbed into the ground.

By Katie Shepherd
LA Times
Aug 9, 2015


But for small farms nestled between city streets, saving water means recycling it — and finding new ways to keep plants alive without wasting the precious liquid.

Unlike the large industrial farms that give California its reputation as the salad bowl of the nation, urban farmers don’t have to let fields sit fallow to reduce water use. The small-scale operations leave room for more creative approaches to drought-friendly growing practices. For those producing and selling food in the city, the drought has provided opportunities as well as obstacles.

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Urban Farmers from Chennai, India

The Urban Farmers have over 20 farms around the city, including Adyar and Nungambakkam. Photo: K.V. Srinivasan

“What we have in mind right now is a dream to have a green city, a complete set of organic urban terrace farms in Chennai and the world,”

By Swetha Ramesh
The Hindu
August 8, 2015


The five men, Kern Agrawal, Kenneth Lowe, Karan Maheshwary, Ashwin Kurisinkal and Mathews Cherickal, collectively known as The Urban Farmers, came up with the idea of farming within the city as a business plan for their course. While researching, they felt that two things were terribly wrong in existing farms and agricultural areas. First, the amount of chemicals used was alarming. Second, of the total land they owned, farmers used only half for cultivation, and sold the rest of it to real estate dealers.

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