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Urban Quail Raising in Quezon City, Philippines

Attendees of the recent Agri-Kapihan at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City observe the quails that are being raised in a double deck module especially designed for raising quails in the urban areas.

One advantage of raising quails in the urban area is that it occupies very little space. The capital needed is also very modest and the gestation period is short. In 35 days after hatching, the birds will start to lay eggs.

by Zac Sarian
Manilla Bulletin
October 30, 2015


Only a modest capital is needed to start a quail raising project in the city. The cost of the cage, the birds (it could be ready-to-lay birds), feeds and miscellaneous expenses could amount to just P3,450. The amount can be recovered in just several months.

Usually the cost of producing a quail egg is about 80 centavos, according to Jeffrey. The market price ex-farm is P1.25 apiece. So there is a 45-centavo margin per egg.

In urban quail raising, the monetary profit may not be the paramount consideration. It is having a supply of fresh eggs that is probably more important. If more urbanites will produce food, especially healthy food, then food security is enhanced. Even if there are areas that are struck by disasters and they cannot deliver the usual commodities to the metro areas, there will be food available from the urban farmers.

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