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Wendy Shillam grows all sorts of veg in her tiny rooftop garden in central London

Wendy and her husband Mike have a tiny rooftop garden – just 6m x 5m in her flat in central London.

The secret to growing really good veg in a small space – whether in the ground or in a pot – is simple, she says: good soil, plenty of sunshine and plenty of water.

By Constance Craig-Smith
Daily Mail
19 February 2016 |


Just a few minutes from Oxford Street, and with the giant BT Tower looming in the background, the setting could hardly be more urban, yet in her series of narrow raised beds Wendy manages to cultivate chard, garlic, onions, spinach, carrots, fennel, wild celery, salad leaves and many different types of herb.

She grows potatoes and carrots in deep pots, while a pergola and several trellises give her the height to grow beans, peas and climbing courgettes along with her favourite sweet peas and morning glories.

A small glasshouse allows her to grow cucumbers and tomatoes – she picks her final crop of the latter at Christmas time. ‘People talk about food miles but in my garden it’s really a case of food inches,’ she laughs.

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