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Mycelial Mayhem


Growing Mushrooms for Fun, Profit and Companion Planting

By David Sewak & Kristin Sewak
New Society Books
March 2016

Most supermarket mushrooms are bland and boring; products of an industrial process which typically relies on expensive equipment and harmful pesticides. Many people would like to add more flavorful and diverse fungi to their diets, but lack the knowledge or confidence to gather their own. Do-it-yourself cultivation is a fun, exciting way to incorporate a variety of mushrooms into a sustainable lifestyle.

Mycelial Mayhem is a straightforward, no-nonsense resource for the aspiring mushroom grower. This practical guide cuts through much of the confusion surrounding methods and techniques, helping the hobbyist or farmer to:

Select regionally appropriate species for the home garden, farm-scale production, or an edible landscape
Practice sustainable, environmentally friendly cultivation techniques, such as companion planting, to combat common garden pests and diseases
Choose a successful, proven business approach to maximize profit and minimize frustration.

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