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Rooftop revolution begins; the Green Knight rises


Across centuries, villagers have been leaving farm work for the big city, but now town dwellers are becoming part-time farmers — the reverse green revolution in the happily balancing equations of Mother Nature.

By Raja Murthy, an independent journalist who shuttles between Mumbai and the Himalayas.
Asia Times
March 21, 2016


This Green Knight is a humble crusader fighting for the urban farming movement. He could be anyone: The boy or girl next door, a banker, a software engineer or it could even be you.

“We are farmers that live in apartments,” goes the Gotham Greens’ anthem from their 9th Avenue headquarters in New York. “We see green fields where others see rooftops. We fuel blooming communities where others fear urban decay. And we purvey the freshest produce grown on earth”.

Rooftop gardens are multiplying in Jaipur, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Tokyo, Rotterdam to Montreal, and US cities with governmental ordinances (*1), such as Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Boston, Austin, Detroit, Portland, Cleveland, Seattle and Baltimore.

These urban farmers bring back healthy food, pure air, and the lost world of the idyllic village pastures, green meadows and peaceful orchards under an unhurried sun.

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