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Jamaican City Farmers

Majesty Gardens backyard farmers Shana-Kay Armstrong, Anthony Bailey (centre) and Lornell Smith show some of the chickens from their farm.

Farming has typically been associated with the rural areas of Jamaica, but three young people have laid this stereotype to rest as they run a thriving livestock farm within one of the Kingston metropolitan area’s toughest communities.

By Javene Skyers
Jamaica Observer
March 29, 2016


Majesty Gardens residents Shana-Kay Armstrong, Anthony Bailey, and Lornell Smith raise goats, pigs and chickens in their backyard, which serves as their main form of employment.

“Wi jus deh ya siddung an’ a reason one day and wi say, ‘yu know say nuhbody nah raise nuh chicken in the area; yu know wi can do a business out of it’. A suh comes wi just say wi a go line up some funds and go inna it,” 21-year-old Bailey said of the joint effort.

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Documentary on sale of Detroit land to create tree farm to be featured in annual film festival

LAND GRAB – Official Trailer 2016 from Atlas Industries on Vimeo.

Land Grab delves into the political maneuvering required to put roots in the ground, highlighting a divided citizenry

By Matt Helms
Detroit Free Press
April 1, 2016
(Must see. Mike)


It said one of the city’s wealthiest residents was planning to sink millions into what he billed as the world’s largest urban agriculture project. Working for a TV production company, O’Grady spent a year and a half researching the issue and realized that John Hantz, the founder of a financial services conglomerate, was the underdog facing stiff opposition to his plan to buy some 2,000 vacant or blighted lots and turn them into what eventually became a large tree farm.

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