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The Cricket Reactor

crikreacDetail of the cartridge and access wall to the Cricket Reactor.

An alternative approach to urban agriculture where city bio-wastes are used to farm algae and fungi, which are in turn fed to insects. In turn, the crickets are processed into an edible flour

by Christine Leu
Canadian Architect
Apr 18, 2016


Jakub Dzamba, a University of Toronto graduate and Ph.D. candidate designed the Reactor. It consists of a series of interconnected, clear chambers from which crickets may feed and grow. The Reactor is well-sealed to prevent the escape of the wayward cricket into our world.

The architectural language of the Reactor could be described as “antfarm-Modernist.” A large, clear, central atrium with detachable clear pods at the sides to accommodate a variety of programmes, or in this case, different bio-wastes. The density of the insects per square inch is evocative of urban living, and reminiscent of maximizing return on investment for repeating condominium units in the sky.

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There are chickens outside the Cleveland Convention Center?

convPhoto by Cory Shaffer.

The sustainable farming project outside the Cleveland Convention Center includes chickens, bees and pigs.

By Cory Shaffer
April 16, 2016


The animals are part of a sustainable farming project the convention center’s food vendor has run since April 2014, spokesperson Dave Johnson said.

The project started with Levy Restaurants executive chef Matt Del Regno keeping three beehives in a dirt lot nestled between the convention center’s ballroom and railroad tracks just south of the Shoreway.

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