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Two Guernsey show cows have moved into Bristol city centre to raise awareness of farming and food production


“The purpose of taking these cows out of their usual rural context into an urban environment is to highlight the major disconnect that now exists between the cities we live in and the production processes that give us the food we eat.”

Press Association
Apr 22, 2016


Artist Nessie Reid will live with the two cows in a marquee on the city’s bustling harbourside as part of an exhibition called The Milking Parlour.

The live installation is designed to explore the current state of farming and how its impact on issues such as climate change and health affects the future.

Ms Reid will milk the cows named Alisa and Meadowsweet, feed them and muck them out – sleeping in a tent nearby at night.

Members of the public will be able to watch three milking demonstrations each day, at breakfast, lunch and tea-time.

There will be four security guards on-site to protect the cows, as well as two vets and Ms Reid, for the four nights they are in Bristol.

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