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Urban farm gives fresh start to youth and homeless in Christchurch, New Zealand

chrzCultivate Christchurch hopes to scale up in the coming months after gaining access to two larger sites.

“As a young person, it’s really hard to get into employment if you don’t have either the networks or qualifications or haven’t had to practice those skills,” Stewart said.

By Alice Cannet
The Press
April 25 2016


One of Cultivate’s volunteers had been out of work and education for seven years before joining the group.

She had since put spent nearly 100 hours in the garden in the last three months and was studying horticulture at the National Trades Academy.

“We really are good at working with people who might have learning difficulties, particularly may have had some behaviour challenges in the past as well and are wanting to work through them and learn better coping styles,” Stewart said.

“Along the way, you’re learning key skills such as how to grow food, how to connect with other people, building relationships, learning employability skills and the key thing is the networks that you gain.”

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