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Garden book from Manitoulin Island, Northern Ontario


82-year-old Ed Burt shares his secrets

By Michael Erskine
The Manitoulin Express
April 15, 2016


he first learned the art and science of gardening at the foot of his grandfather 82 years ago at the age of five— and a lot of the knowledge he has acquired over the years is contained in his new book, ‘My Journey in the Garden: Ed Burt’s Way of Growing Food’.

“When my grandparents came to Manitoulin they experienced some especially rough winters,” he said. “We didn’t have the transportation we have now. The railroad was 40-50 miles away and if you didn’t have a horse, it was a long way away.” Adding to the distance, the roads in those days were not ploughed in the winter and few people had a car or truck to travel the roads even if the snow wasn’t an obstacle. Growing and storing food wasn’t a hobby or pastime in those early days, it was a survival skill. “I grew up in that environment,” said Mr. Burt.

“A lot of people have been pressing me to write a book,” he said. “A few years ago I finally started to talk into a little machine, getting my thoughts down.” The project moved forward in fits and starts. “More fits than starts, sometimes,” he chuckled. But every time the project stalled, someone would come along to goose it back into motion.

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