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Urban Farming in Syria Saves Lives During Sieges

Irrigation systems in place and planting begins in Yarmouk.

The 15th garden, it’s an urban gardening project that provides food for people living in Syrian cities that are under siege. Currently there are 30 of the gardens in 17 different besieged cities throughout Syria.

By Bezdomny
Apr 29, 2016
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The project started with a group of Zabadani women who needed seeds to grow food, yet nothing was allowed to enter or exit the city. At that time, Zabadani was still under siege by both Assad forces and Hezbollah. Siege warfare is brutal and turns a city into a prison. To give an example of how severe the blockade was, Abdallah says, not even the UN was able to retrieve dying patients from the city in order to give them proper care. And there is no shortage of patients in Syria, just this week the Assad regime attacked the rebel held side of Aleppo which destroyed a vital hospital and resulted in at least 50 deaths.

In response to the Zabadani Women’s call for support, a network of German farmers collected heritage seeds and money in a show of solidarity with Syrian farmers, and sent the seeds to Lebanon (which is just across the border from Zabadani). From Lebanon the supplies made their way to Zabadani through an underground network of activists who risked their lives to get the seeds through the blockade.

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Florida community gardens opens after 13 years of development

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The Riverside Avondale Community Garden has opened, the cost about $40,000 to complete.

By Victoria Register-Freeman
Apr 26, 2016


There are 31 beds, but 40 to 42 gardeners, because some of the new gardeners didn’t want to take on an entire bed.

Each weekend over the past year, volunteers built the beds. “Some of them had never used a saw or a hammer, but they were really willing to learn,” Fraser said.

RAP selected the gardeners from those who sent in garden plot applications. To help with costs for water, electricity and insurance for the garden, the gardeners pay a yearly fee of $100 for their individual plot. Gardeners are also expected to bring their own tools and plants or seeds to put in their plot.

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