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As hunger stalks Venezuela, government encourages city-dwellers to start planting

venxSenior citizens in Caracas, Venezuela, get a lesson on urban agriculture. As the nation finds itself in a food crisis, the government is urging city-dwellers to plant fruits and vegetables. Jim Wyss Miami Herald.

The Ministry of Urban Agriculture was created this year – Inflation, hoarding reflected on dinner tables – Only 54 percent of people report eating three meals a day

By Jim Wyss
Miami Herald
May 23, 2016


Caracas, Venezuela: On a recent weekday, just a few miles from where the government was holding military exercises preparing for a foreign invasion, about a dozen senior citizens were gathered in a classroom learning about another war-time innovation.

“Vertical gardens were pioneered during World War II,” a teacher said as he instructed them on how to turn plastic bottles into planters that could be hung on a wall or balcony. “We need to take advantage of every space possible.”

This is Venezuela’s latest weapon in its battle against hunger: urban agriculture.

As the country has been swamped with images of empty shelves, soul-crushing lines and food riots, the administration is urging city-dwellers to embrace modern-day Victory Gardens.

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