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University of California San Diego has several campus gardens and one San Diego community garden

ellsEllie’s Garden.

Ellie’s Garden, Half Moon Meadow, Marshall Community Garden, Mesa Nueva Garden, Ocean View Growing Grounds, Roger’s Community Garden

UC San Diego


Marshall Community Garden

As guided by the philosophy of Thurgood Marshall College, to develop the scholar and the citizen, the Community Garden will serve as an opportunity to learn about social responsibility through sustainable living, an outdoor study area and a means to develop a close-knit Marshall community.

Ellie’s Garden

By creating and maintaining a communal garden in Eleanor Roosevelt College, we strive to share gardening and life-long sustainable practices, involve people in the slow food process and create a greener ERC community.

Half Moon Meadow

Muir’s Half Moon Meadow is a small student operated garden that plans garden themed events and assigns planter box space to Muir students to help them exercise their green thumbs.

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