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Regen Villages – Door-step high-yield organic food production

socspFood production and social spaces. Social spaces are created between the buildings to ensure a complete integration between food production and the housing units. Click on image for larger file.

The first ReGen Village pilot community is to be developed in Almere in Netherlands, with 100 homes breaking ground in this summer of 2016

Excerpt from their website:

Energy positive homes. Door-step high-yield organic food production. Mixed renewable energy and storage. Water and waste recycling. Empowerment of local communities. These are the five pillars of a new visionary concept for self-sustaining urban eco-communities – ReGen Villages.

ReGen Villages is a tech-integrated real estate development company with the purpose of answering some of the world’s most pressing global challenges – social, financial and above all environmental. ReGen Villages is engineering and facilitating the development of off-grid, integrated and resilient neighbourhoods that power and feed self-reliant families around the world.

ReGen stands for regenerative, where the outputs of one system are the inputs of another. The concept has a holistic approach and combines a variety of innovative technologies, such as energy positive homes, renewable energy, energy storage, local organic food production, vertical farming aquaponics/aeroponics, water management and waste-to-resource systems.

Their site.