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Eindhoven, Netherlands: Lighting giant Philips has built one of the world’s largest city farming research facilities

The 234 square metres GrowWise Center, which opened last July, is developing the perfect blueprint for growing food for city dwellers all year round using sustainable and efficient techniques.

By Jessica Cheam
May 27, 2016


It also helps save resources: Where it would take 60 litres of water to produce one kilo of tomatoes in, say, a typical greenhouse production facility in Spain, the same amount of tomatoes will only require five litres of water at the GrowWise farm.

Mayor of Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel, regards this technology – which integrates lighting, climate control, software controls, sensors and logistics in one harmonious solution – as just one of the ways smart city applications will revolutionise global food, energy, and water systems in the coming years.

It also exemplifies how some businesses are leading the way by reinventing their offerings – in this case, going from manufacturing lights into food production – for an increasingly smart world.

“You can have it here in Singapore, or in any city. With just a couple of huge buildings, you can produce a lot of food. It’s really breakthrough, and this is probably the most disruptive technology that will be available within ten years,” said Mayor van Gijzel at the sidelines of a business seminar on smart cities hosted by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore (DutchCham) last month (30 March).

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