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Nation’s first K-8 urban farm school teaches kids how to grow their own food

Covering both the building’s facade and roof with soil and plants to create a “Living Building” achieves a number of environmental and neighborhood objectives; the plants provide green space, air filtration and oxygen, and absorb storm water runoff to prevent flooding.

Golden Bridges School is unique is that it is located on a small plot of land, in a dense urban city, and sets the goal of providing a farm-based education for urban children, many of whom never have the opportunity to get out into the country.

By Jill Fehrenbacher
June 3, 2016


We’re very excited about this innovative urban farm school being built in San Francisco, California that will educate preschoolers through 8th graders with an ecology farm curriculum based on Waldorf Education. Project architect Stanley Saitowitz of Natoma Architects just unveiled plans for a stunning new plant-covered “living building” for the site that will house classrooms and act as a gathering space for the community at the farm.

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Growing crops on rooftops in Korea

A rooftop farm run by the urban farming organization Pajeori is located on the top floor of a four-story office building, surrounded by high-rise apartment buildings in Mapo-gu, Seoul. (Courtesy of Pajeori)

Urban farmers on the rise, with more city dwellers seek healthy food and comfort in farming

By Lee Woo-young
Korean Herald
June 3, 2016


At Dari, another rooftop farm near Hongik University Station, some 40 members own “boxes” of land on the rooftop of the Catholic Youth Center in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Each member is allocated a box-sized space where they can grow crops. Popular ones include tomatoes, paprika, ginger, eggplants and rucola, according to Park Jeong-ja, an urban farmer and educator, who manages the place.

“The reason people turn rooftops into farms is that there is no available space on the ground for farming in the city. If you have a spare piece of land in the city, it’s considered a source of investment, not a farm,” said Park.

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Canadian Urban beekeeping takes off as plight of the honeybee wins public attention

Alexandre McLean, CEO of Alveole, prepares the Shangri-La Hotel’s “B-Wall” installation in Toronto. The company has seen an increase in demand for urban beehives in recent years. Peter J. Thompson/National Post.

“Bees are getting a ton of attention in the past few years. Even the White House announced it was going through major changes in policy in terms of planting; and General Mills’ Bring Back the Bees Campaign has drawn way more attention.”

By Denise Deveau
Financial Poat
Jun. 2, 2016


A sure sign of spring at Toronto’s Shangri-La Hotel is the arrival of Alexandre McLean. But he’s not your average guest; and his luggage is definitely out of the ordinary.

For a second season, McLean is installing the honeybees in the “B-Wall” at the Shangri-La’s third-floor Bosk terrace. The custom-designed wall, a collaborative effort by Alvéole and Montreal-based L’Atelier Gris and developed in partnership with Maison Birks, sits in a quiet corner of the garden, where throughout spring and summer, diners can step up to a porthole to view the honeybees in action.

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