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Atlanta’s pop-up vineyard

povinAtlanta’s pop-up vineyard, seen against the backdrop of the city’s midtown skyscrapers. Photo Credit: Cathy Huyghe

The vineyard is temporary – it will be relocated to a private residence within the city later this summer. The bottom line is that it’s an exceptional example of local, urban agriculture that’s also inspiring for the space and the connections it creates.

By Cathy Huyghe
June 6, 2016


In midtown Atlanta, on 14th Street, this small vineyard “grew” directly as a result of this festival, its place in the city, and the idea of what agriculture means food and wine enthusiasts. Coming across this vineyard on 14th Street would be like coming across a vineyard as you walk along Van Ness in San Francisco, or Sixth Avenue in New York, or Beacon Street in Boston: very much not what you’re expecting yet, when you get over the initial confusion, it also very much makes perfect sense.

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How a Rooftop Garden, Local Farming Helped One Hospital Boost Patient Satisfaction

hosrofKerry Gold, head of dining services and chef for New Milford Hospital, stands next to an aeroponic tower, one of several in a rooftop garden at the hospital on Tuesday.
Photo: Carol Kaliff / Hearst Connecticut Media.

New Milford Hospital in Connecticut champions food as preventive medicine through homegrown meals.

By Genevieve Diesing
Hospitals and Health Networks
June 6, 2016


With a focus on seasonal, unprocessed food and a classically trained chef at the kitchen’s helm, New Milford’s menu resembles that of a chic, farm-to-table restaurant rather than a typical hospital cafeteria: The vegetable dish will depend on what was picked from its rooftop garden that day, or what it received from the nine local farms from which it regularly sources ingredients. The finished product is a healthful menu (a typical dessert is a chickpea chocolate cake, for instance) that New Milford’s patients, staff and community have come to love.

“Often, patients will be discharged, and will ask if they can stay for lunch,” says Chef Kerry Gold.

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Bengaluru, India: Garden City Farmers Trust


Nearly 10,000 people have already turned farmers in the city, growing everything from spinach to curry leaves to tomatoes.

By Meera Bhardwaj
New India Experess
June 12, 2016


“We have been doing free demos in government schools as this concept has to take root early. We are also planning to adopt a government school and college in a, with space to grow vegetables. MLA Ravi Subramanya has evinced keen interest and we hope to start soon,” he told.

The trust has two more entomologists, Dr K R Jayaram and Dr Rajendra Hegde. The rest of the group comprises IT and other professionals.

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