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Urban farms may sprout up in city parks in Glendale, Arizona

irspCommunity Services Director Erik Strunk, Assistant Director of Community Services Tim Bernard and Parks and Recreation administrator Mike Gregory address the council on urban farming on undeveloped park land throughout the city. Photo by Darrell Jackson.

Heroes Regional Park has approximately 50 acres, Orangewood approximately 38 acres and Northern Horizon approximately 28 acres. City staff has researched either allowing use at cost to the farmers or leasing the land.

By Darrell Jackson,
The Glendale Star
June 16, 2016


Parks and Recreation Administrator Mike Gregory told council the potential for farming of the land would help with aesthetics by making current land a green belt and help control blowing dust.

“We discussed an interim farming to improve the appearance and limiting dust control,” Gregory said. “It would be the responsibility of the farmers to maintain the land and they would pay for any water used on the land.”

Councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff asked staff about the option on leasing the land to potential farmers, rather than just allowing them to use the land free of charge.

“Would the RFP be for leasing the property and would we collect any revenues from what they grow,” Tolmachoff asked. “I just believe there is a chance for us to get a little revenue by leasing the land, instead of allowing them to use it free of charge.”

Vendors who won any RFP would possibly be responsible for capital improvements to the land, including possible repairs or replacement of irrigation systems that the city would either split from savings.

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