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10 Essential Allotment Gardening Tools

Burgon & Ball Seed and Plant Spacing Rule.

UK’s National Allotments week from 18-24 August

By Richard Hood
The Independent
26 July 2016


There’s still plenty of sowing and planting to be done in August – Swiss chard, spring onions and spring cabbages can all be sown now, and if you are quick about it, you should just be able to squeeze in a few fast maturing carrots. And to ensure your veg rows crop in precise, regimental, envy-inducing lines, you’ll need one of these. This ruler is made from sturdy beech wood, and comes inscribed with recommended plant spacings – perforated with poke holes for pinpoint sowing. A smaller, 30cm rule is available, but veg growers will get more use from the metre length version.

Hori Hori

It sounds like a creature from Pokémon Go, but the Hori Hori (or Japanese soil knife) is one of the most useful tools you can have in your garden arsenal. It’s great for extracting weeds, digging holes, slicing, thrusting – you name it. And it’s a lot stronger than most trowels you can buy, thanks to the one piece of carbon steel that forms the blade and runs the length of the handle. This one comes with a monogrammed vinyl sheath for added samurai chic.

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