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Welcome to Tha Flower Factory: Vacant East Baltimore lot blossoms into something beautiful

waltWalker Marsh created “Tha Flower Factory,” by transforming a vacant lot in East Baltimore into a half-acre full production flower farm. He submitted a winning idea in Baltimore City’s Growing Green Design Competition and hopes to inspire other urban farmers while beautifying the neighborhood, reducing pollution levels and providing job training. (Courtesy of the Mayor’s Office).

Walker’s idea represents a creative way of thinking about supporting urban agriculture, eliminating blight, reducing stormwater runoff, lowering lead levels, adding a community resource, providing job training and beautifying the city.

By Zoe Zellers
WWMT West Michigan
August 18th 2016


What happens when residents walk by and see the beauty that has bloomed on their block? What’s their reaction like and how does that make you feel?

Everyone loves it! Folks have seen it from the very beginning when the growers and I were just out there moving rocks around to beautiful sunflowers popping up. I have received nothing but support and it makes me feel accomplished because I know people enjoy what I’m doing.

What are you growing at Tha Flower Farm?

At Tha Flower Factory we are growing sunflowers, salvia, coleus, phlox, black-eyed susans, asters, day lilies, basil, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.

Though Tha Flower Farm is a half-acre, why are plants in urban communities important to improving pollution levels? Is this something you considered?

Improving pollution levels was something I considered when choosing flowers like sunflowers because they are known to remove lead from the soil and air, which is a big issue we have here in Baltimore.

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