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Edmonton, Alberta Community Garden Bike Tour Features 8 Gardens

The Twin Brooks community garden in southwest Edmonton has brought local gardeners together and overcome initial resistance from the neighbourhood to create a win-win situation.

Alberta Avenue Community League Garden
Eastwood Community League Garden
Elmwood Park Community League Garden
Mosaic Centre Community Garden
Highlands Community League Garden
Lactuca Urban Farm
Grower’s Dozen Garden at Parkdale-Cromdale Community League
Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton micro-orchard

By Nancy Rempel
Edmonton Journal
Aug 19, 2016


“The first instinct is that the garden needs to be fenced,” says Meyers of the vandalism. “But, you can’t fence gardens on public parkland.”

Instead, its members went out of their way to create a “garden conversation” that included public meetings and communication, including the creation of an informational pamphlet that garden members took door-to-door. Meyer says the discussions revealed bones of contention, like the site’s visual appeal because of its on-site water barrels and storage shed. The group beautified the utilitarian pieces with vines, and planted perennials that were subsequently donated by neighbours to create a welcoming entrance.

Twin Brooks resident Susan Parker was one of the garden’s founding members. She says they have also reached out to neighbours by allocating a section of the garden specifically for the picking of free, organic produce. A number of small plots for neighbours to claim for growing their own greens was created, and a designated area is specifically planted and harvested for the Food Bank.

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