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Gurgaon, India: Lease land for ‘kitchen gardens’

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The department will make available farming land in Bhondsi nearby, where residents can go on weekends or in their spare time, and grow vegetables non-commercially for their household needs.

India Times
Aug 28, 2016


Anyone interested in leasing land can approach the district horticulture officer, who will help the resident decide the amount of land they would require, and the crop(s) they can grow on it. The land will be leased out at least for a year at a nominal rate, which has not been decided yet. However, regular maintenance, watering, security, etc, of the garden will be the leasee’s responsibility, which might be a drag for corporate employees looking for a part-time hobby.

“There is no way to trace the source and origin of vegetables we consume these days, or to keep track of the level of chemicals and other toxins in them. Under such circumstances, especially in our urban lives in apartments, growing one’s own vegetables is the best way to eat healthy,” said district horticulture officer Deen Mohammad Khan.

He added Gurgaon residents are often heard to complain about vegetables turning black after a day in the refrigerator. This, he said, is because most vegetables coming into the NCR are grown along the Yamuna banks, where crops are irrigated with sewage water. One can even smell the sewage water in spinach, said Khan.

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