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This Indian couple left their city life in Delhi to start an organic farm

The Cariappas supply over 35 vegetables to luxury wildlife resort Orange County. Juli seen here with son Azad.

But the year was 1986, and their decision to move from Delhi to Heggadadevana Kote, a remote area in the middle of a forest, located 60 kilometres from Mysore, wasn’t cheered on by enthusiastic friends.

By Megha Mahindru
Vogue India
August 30, 2016


Their farm, Krac-a-Dawna, a name derived from a young Azad’s linguistic faux pas, besides being their home and workplace also serves as a bio shelter, open for experiential tours for farming enthusiasts. With no television or internet, it offers agri-tourists all that they can hope for.

Popular among gap-year students who wish to travel and do good, agri-tourism is now blooming in India as organic evangelists skip luxury hotel stays for a rustic farm holiday that teaches them everything from cattle grazing to soil tilling and cheesemaking.

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Ireland’s ‘Thank Potato’ Growers

Andrew Douglas, with his potato plants of many different varieties. ‘Thank Potato’ potato collection is grown in up-cycled water cooler bottles and artificial grass off cuts, utilising waste stream materials to house and grow our potato plants.

Our main permanent feature is the growing and harvesting of over 180 different heritage and heirloom potatoes on the rooftop of a secondary school in Dublin city centre.

Thank Potato


Why grow Potatoes as an urban food project?

The potato is the fourth most important food in the world. But so far, it has not featured prominently in the debate on food security. The potato crop is of key importance in that it provides high nutrition and is an adaptive species for climate change. Potatoes use less water per nutritional output than all other major food sources.

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